Office Sex

Good day! Here we are again with a brand new Phoenix Marie update for you guys. Today’s video is going to be a special one, so be sure to take your time and to enjoy it, because we promise you some hot sex scenes and one naughty babe that will make everything for your pleasing view. This video it’s going to make you blood boil so be prepared for what it is about to come. We know that you enjoy our videos and that’s why we decided to make something special for you all to see. We hope that you’ll like it and if you do we promise that we’ll bring even more videos of this kind.

For this PhoenixMarie video the action is going to take place in an office. Our lady it’s a secretary and her boss is kind of mean to her. She doesn’t know anymore what to do to please him. Today he was to mad that he started yelling at her, so she decided to help her boss to relax a little by giving him a special oral treatment today. She walks in the office just with her black lacey bra on and her black skirt to give him a hot coffee. He is surprised to see her like that but he kind of like it. She puts the coffee on the table and knees in front of him. Slowly she unbuttoned his pants and she takes out his hardened dick and the she start to lick it from base to top, making him grasp her hair to put his dick even deeper in the mouth. Enjoy this video and see you soon.